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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Original Kwik Team

Left-Right: Detdet, Vinson, Ivan, Shawn, Me, Markie and Al

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dark Side

When a jedi has had too much he turns...

...nagmaoy kay nahubog!

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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Since childhood, I have this passion for comics which extends from mere reading to sketching and making my own comic books. I sort of lost interest as I grew older. My priorities just changed after my interests broadened. But I guess It's really hard to scratch away an old itch. Recently, I found out that my office mates Bing Ong and Shawn Somido also share the same passion and they were the ones who convinced me to put my pencil to the test again after quite a long time.

After quite a number of scribblings, I finally came up with the picture on the left which I call 'Escrimador'. Now my sketch is a far cry from the usual ink on paper after Bing has colored it digitally just like those guys in Image Comics. Cool huh?

Click to view larger image.

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Tie me up

Another one bites the dust... the song takes on another meaning as I watched my long time friend Otep tie the knot with Enalyn, his long time girlfriend. That fateful June 29 was the point of no return as another of my friends decided or was forced to decide to call it quits the carefree and careless life of a bachelor and start afresh. Imagine that --- spending the rest of your days with someone who doesn't share your penchant for boxing matches, basketball games, beer, LAN and shoot-em-up games, beer, porno material, beer, martial arts, rock music, beer..., you know what I mean, don't you? A woman just isn't like the rest of the boys! And yet, what kind of prick wants to marry a guy??? As if that Will & Grace sitcom isn't bad enough.

I remember hearing my fellow grooms man comment that marriage is one of the wages of sin. You are getting married as punishment for your excesses as a bachelor. Hehehe if getting married to a stunning Angelina Jolie is punishment, I'd be sinning more often from now on.

Now on to Enalyn. She is going to be a wife...to a man who loves boxing matches, basketball games, beer, LAN and shoot-em-up games, beer, porno material, beer, martial arts, rock music, beer..., you know what I'm getting at don't you? A man just isn't like one of the girls. But, what self-respecting woman wants to live with another broad??? As if....

Now as I see the ordeal comes to an end, I realize that Otep and Enalyn are indeed happy and that perhaps there is more to this marriage thing despite all the talk. After all Otep will be Otep and Enalyn will be Enalyn --- a man and a woman made and meant for each other. Thirteen years is a very long wait. After all the "wise guy insinuations" * I'm finally convinced that m'man Otep is not shooting blanks. But most importantly, I am happy that they finally did it.
To you guys --- my warmest congratulations!

Now who's next, Joman? Hehehe....

Grooms men (that's me in the Matrix-avoid-the-bullet-pose)

wise guy - way semilya ang lagay
nice guy - naay semilya ang lagay

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