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Friday, August 26, 2005

Mondrian Art

This is a PHP script I wrote (or rather, translated) for simulating modern art after the Modern abstract artist Piet Mondrian.

Hit your browser's Reload or Refresh button if you don't like the picture.

Visit the web site where i got the original Java source for this script by Richie Bielak.

Visit the following to know more about Piet Mondrian:

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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Tension slowly mounts up in the office as a Starcraft aficionado (that means any one of us) patiently attacks a defending camp while his teammates stealthily drops a bevy of lurkers into an unsuspecting opponent's mineral field. In silence another one may be preparing a full compliment of carriers ready to be unleashed into the foray as yet another opponent awaits with a dozen scourges. Whatever the strategem may be and whatever the cost a victor emerges and gloating ensues as the losers lets lose a barrage of excuses. Yet whoever wins or loses the game remains as stimulating as ever as the boys look forward to another day of razing and wanton mayhem and destruction.

The following shots show me, together with my team (Ivan, Markie and Rod) unleash our unforgiving firepower into the enemies' (Bing, Shawn, Al, Coyix) ranks.

Nuke em up!Capture the middle.Puppy power!
Harvest timeFutile standSweet victory!!!

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Thursday, August 18, 2005


...pa sa Camel???

OMG! Mga kamel sugot mo ma-alasan sa mga kabayo???

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Monday, August 15, 2005


Turing celebrated his birthday on the 2nd. I thought it was on the 5th. Hmmmm, kulang sa vitamins.... Hehehe, belated happy birthday part!

Meanwhile, the Salumay trip is now in limbo. Kanuto, Deciembre na sab???

I was going to create and mail a poem to a special friend. Hulat-hulat lang Bel, hapit na. Di na gyud nako kalimtan. :)

It seems I also forgot about pending upgrades to my pc. If only motherboards cost only a peso each....

What else? If I forgot anything, would it matter? I'd forget about it anyway. Hahahaha!

My pencil rendering of Mnemosyne, Greek goddess of memory. Just a reminder that memory is beautiful, we shouldn't forget about it. Nyahahahaha!!!

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