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Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Beer-loving Gunner extraordinaire, perennial vocalist, guitarist, dog person, and wet kisser in one neat li'l package.


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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


distance, physical, unbound
you remain distant in your ground
while large is the chasm that divides
our two worlds would never collide.

distance, real, profound
always keeps us in a shroud
while thick is the mist that blinds
our hearts will never, each other, find.

distance can awe and astound
in our corners we remain bound
while unbreakable are these ties
freedom, the fates will always deny.

distance, lonely, wanting
forever taunts my yearning
while the gods refuse my wants
near or not you'll remain distant.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Mga Uhaw Pas' Camel

Oi! Kanus-ang sunod G.I.?!?

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Saturday, October 15, 2005


How do I describe what it is I see
Whenever your questing eyes bore into me?
Is it beauty maybe enticing me softly
Or merely my imagination playing tricks on me?

How do I put into words what it is I hear
Whenever my name you whisper so dear?
Is it music perchance---a sweet sounding lullaby
Indulging me in a never ending melody?

How do I express what it is I smell
Whenever the wind carries your scent to me?
Is it perfume perhaps, so sweet and so deadly
Forever drowning me into a rosy reverie?

How do I tell you what it is I feel
Whenever your touch alights on my skin?
Is it a mirror of what my heart felt
The moment fate brought you to me...?

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Friday, October 07, 2005


Exploring my sorroundings was a favorite pastime of mine as a kid. There used to be a neat forested area of about 10-20 hectares near our village where you can find an assortment of small animals, big snakes, and hundreds of birds --- a young boy's paradise! Now, returning to that same area, I find a -- residential subdivision being constructed. No more forest, no animals, no snakes and no birds. Where there used to be a pond, I find a smaller version, a far cry from the lusher and richer one that I once imagined as a grand lake. One afternoon, during a solitary haunt with Kikay as my only companion, I rested one afternoon beside that pond. And gazing into the water I saw small pieces of driftwood. I was immediately transported back in time while staring at the dreamy though murky waters....

I heard laughter, and saw my friend, M. J. sitting beside me and throwing small rocks and pebbles at the little driftwood. We were very close, he and I. While he was very high-spirited and fun-filled, I, in contrast, was more silent, sometimes to the point of being brooding. Although we shared secrets between ourselves, I found out that I am more hesitant, more careful with mine, while he is very trusting with his. Aside from secrets, we shared many other things between ourselves, including the love for adventure and fun, music, machines, books but most specially, a love for exclusivity. We would never be seen around with each other in the company of other children. It's as if, I am transformed into a different person when I am with him. I thought that I could be more of myself when I'm with my companion. Sometimes we'd dream of being in a rock band together, he on guitars and me on vocals. We'd dream of being martial artists or foot soldiers in an ancient realm. Always he would be enthusiastic while I would be more reserved. But always, I can be more of a normal kid when we're off together on some little adventure. Sometimes he leads and I follow -- like a pirate captain and his first mate or a dashing knight and his squire -- or it may be the other way around with me at helm of our inter-galactic star cruiser, ready to embark on a deadly mission with my trusty navigator.

One afternoon, we decided to look for spiders since fighting spiders were "in" among the boys in school and we were hoping to have a nice little profit from cashing on the sale of the poor critters to my classmates. My friend, being more knowledgeable with the habits of those eight-legged animals, lead the expedition into the little forest. According to him, unlike other kids who waited for sundown to catch the spiders descending from their webs high up in the trees, we had the advantage of the forest where it is already dark and the little critters are already about their business spinning their webs and catching bugs. We brought along bibingkas (rice cakes) and a bottle of water for our merienda and two pairs of sling-shots just in case the birds were about. He would never let the opportunity of bagging a bird or two slip away.

After quite a while, we capture 6 big ones that would fetch a handsome price in the kid market and 7 smaller ones that we'd sell to the smaller, more gullible kids. We decided to eat our cakes near the small lake (pond). Afterwards we took turns throwing stones at the driftwoods. We would watch while the stones made splashes and ripples that either brought the pieces of driftwood closer together or farther apart. Sometimes a well-aimed rock with smash a piece into splinters. Suddenly a bird was cried as if calling to its mate. In a rustle of wings three birds nesting near our lake flew away and my friend, suddenly dashed away in pursuit. I was torn between following him and staying, my eyes glued for no apparent reason to the driftwoods, especially at the one that's drifting further away from the others even though the ripples were all but gone....

I never saw my friend again after that afternoon. What I saw in his place was a creature more silent, often to the point of being brooding....

One day my friend simply went away. I really can't remember when. Perhaps it was on a 30th of September, a day which, according to him is very special.

Today while looking back at the pond's murky waters, I can still remember M. J. explaining that driftwoods were moving because other things less obvious to my eyes were making them move. Sometimes the soft breeze made them move. Sometimes undercurrents do. I smiled and patted Kikay, who's probably wondering why there's a sudden break in our trek.

I smile more often now. And I laugh more. And I learned to trust more. And I had a band where I was both on guitars and vocals. I am learning to do many other things I'm afraid to do before.

I can't remember if I really cashed in on the spiders. More likely I just threw them all away.

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