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Thursday, October 29, 2009

If there was a thing on the net filled with more bullshit...

... than this: http://forums.gov.ph/thread.asp?rootID=127876&catID=25 please, please show me! The Philippines is a Spanish creation, bah!

I quote the beginning of the forum post:

"The Philippines is a Spanish creation. Without Spain, there would have been no Philippines to talk about. If we weren't conquered by Spain, we would have ended up as either separate warring kingdoms/tribes (tribu de los tagalos, tribu de las visayas, tribu de los ilocanos, tribu de los mangyanes, etc.) or a Portuguese/Indonesian territory..."

And it gets worse from that point on. No, I will not sully my humble blog by quoting more. Jose Mario "Pepe" Alas, if you want to kneel before those Spanish bastards who raped this lands for more than three hundred years and lick their smelly asses again, be my fucking guest! But keep your dirty paws off the Internet if you don't have anything worthwhile to say!

You're almost literally saying that the pre-hispanic Philippines without any outside interference could not establish itself as a state, forgetting only too well that even your European colonizers started off as small conquering tribes before they banded up to become a big conquering monstrosity that used the bible and the sword to subjugate what was to become Pilipinas.

The Spanish brought the religion of my forefathers to this country and if my ancestors up to my mother and father found solace in the Roman Catholic brand of Christianity then well and good but make no mistake that the only reason and purpose that the name of Christ was cast into this mess is for subjugation and control! Spain was not interested in what the Indios, as a people, could offer, they were only interested in the natural resources these lands could yield. Why else would they not make us a proper province after three hundred long years? Why else, would they hold a religion that teaches love and goodwill to all men as a sword over our poor ancestors' heads? "Pay your dues or the fires of hell will consume you...", my father recalls very well why his grandfather and relatives was forced to move from Camiguin to the forests of Zamboanga del Sur, to escape the wrath of Spanish friars whose taxes they could not afford to pay anymore with what remained of their dignity.

Now tell me about this creation bullshit again?

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"makipagclose ka kay mark doc..."

"panu b maging moderator ng uzzap" A topic I happened upon here:


Some posts (in the url above) that really made my day:

"Punta ka smart tapos bayaran mo yung mods nila dun. (kung papayag). Mahirap kasi yan otor."

"w0w moderator ng uzzap.. maging isa ka sa pinakamagaling na it dito sa pinas tapos magapply ka sa smart makipagclose ka kay mark documento ata yun tapos yun baka gawin karin nyang moderator.. Goodluck.. haha,."

Damn! I gotta limit my visibility.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trivia and Other Games Top Scorers - Uzzap

Top 25 score(r)s for the trivia game in Sietch Tabr on Oct. 9-Oct. 17, 2009.

nautica                1200
rippogi 1020
~genkin~ 747
Chronus 568
shaira:e09 557
hideandseek7 543
(+)|caduceuz 500
pukinginamo 434
redjuan 239
TRT>,ANGEL, 1932 235
slyvixen 224
C1N])3R3||A 215
nanref 214
darkflame24 200
PriTi ~,^ 198
Aki 191
frozenflame 172
obraPUZA:o? 163
aleakim05 156
slaynfx 154
KYUt \:>/, kenjitots 140
jefferson 129
reycop 91
r0ckyken 87
aphrogirl 86

Top 15 score(r)s for the trivia game in Tambayan 27 on Oct. 13-Oct. 15, 2009.

vew           225
alva 184
01 117
yUnA 100
maeden 79
shirosaki 79
RAH|*}\{imzo 67
[>;~ 63
w!nx 41
gx~`jhii`Sh 32
gavino ang 25
cielo 22
ellemo1224 15
jefferson 13
jaymeern 13

Till the next!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get the MSISDN in Symbian, Not!

Yesterday we had a meeting in ***** with this guy from Sony-Ericsson about some top secret project which I am not at liberty to tell, sadly. Long story short, the discussion went into MSISDNs and how on our end we should get it so the service they'll provide can make use of it. I sort of suggested that we use the telephony services of Symbian to get the MSISDN. To my horror, I found out just now that it virtually impossible to get this from the client (phone). [See why.] Luckily I sort of put in a disclaimer that I haven't tried it yet and it may not be possible. So our plan went another route and all ended well.

Lesson learned: Don't suggest things you are not sure works especially when the big bosses are listening.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

PHP syntax highlighting in Emacs (Debian Linux)


Someone encouraged me before to start blogging again (no, his name is not Emerson Galacio). So just to have an entry for starters, 'cause I'm too lazy to think of anything original, I resolved to remember anything useful or useless (but curious enough) that I learn everyday and put them in my blog. So without further fuzz:

To have syntax highlighting in Emacs for the PHP language try the following in a debian setup:

sudo apt-get install php-mode

Then, edit the .emacs file located in your home directory and add the following lisp code:

(load-library "php-mode")
(global-font-lock-mode t)

Save and start emacs. Btw, you can learn more about font-lock-mode from here Emacs FAQ

If you don't have apt-get installed or you have a different package manager, you could download php-mode from here: http://php-mode.sourceforge.net

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