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Thursday, September 22, 2005


I've been practicing arnis, the deadly Filipino stick, blade and empty-handed fighting art, albeit in an off and on fashion, for about five months now. Though I just couldn't find enough time to pursue this passion of mine, my appreciation for the simplicity and effectiveness of this martial art stands unwavering. I belong to the Kapatirang Doble Olisi Escrima (KDO) club, which literally means "Double Stick Escrima Brotherhood". The club was founded in the 90's by Master Mario Palazuelo. As a martial artist, Master Palazuelo is skilled in a wide gamut of martial arts including aikido, boxing and taekwondo, having earned his black belt in the Korean art decades ago. As an arnisadore, he is also well versed in manyMaster Palazuelo with GM Presas different permutations of the art, having traveled across the country, especially in the Visayan area, where he studied with different masters, including GM (Grand Master) Ernesto Presas of Kombatan and Modern Arnis and GM Ben Luna Lema of Lightning Scientific Arnis. As the name of the club implies, the Master teaches his students the double stick as well as single stick forms aiming to make them proficient in both styles. Disarms and locks are taught as well, with emphasis on speed and timing. True to tradition, the master teaches knife-fighting, boxing and unarmed combat when a student has progressed in his stick-fighting abilities.

KDO Web SiteAs a club, KDO aims to promote the Filipino martial arts in Mindanao and Davao City and, if opportunities allow, world-wide. As an affiliate of Arnis Philippines (Master Palazuelo as Commissioner for Davao City), KDO sponsors tournaments that follow Arnis Philippines rules. Personally, I share the hopes of many arnisadores that one day arnis will gain a world-wide following large enough to include it in the Olympics. So far, about 35 countries practice arnis, 15 short to make it an Olympic sport.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tension slowly mounts up in the office as a Starcraft aficionado (that means any one of us) patiently attacks a defending camp while his teammates stealthily drops a bevy of lurkers into an unsuspecting opponent's mineral field. In silence another one may be preparing a full compliment of carriers ready to be unleashed into the foray as yet another opponent awaits with a dozen scourges. Whatever the strategem may be and whatever the cost a victor emerges and gloating ensues as the losers lets lose a barrage of excuses. Yet whoever wins or loses the game remains as stimulating as ever as the boys look forward to another day of razing and wanton mayhem and destruction.

The following shots show me, together with my team (Ivan, Markie and Rod) unleash our unforgiving firepower into the enemies' (Bing, Shawn, Al, Coyix) ranks.

Nuke em up!Capture the middle.Puppy power!
Harvest timeFutile standSweet victory!!!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Towers of Hanoi


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